Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Ms. Frey

As previously posted in Facebook Notes, January 26, 2009:

1.I don’t like background noise & I cant think with music playing unless it relates to the song

2. I’ve learned how to gain weight even on vegetables :(

3. I hate the smell of unbathed dogs

4. I bite my nails sometimes...I know its gross, don’t lecture me

5. Broccoli hurts my stomach but I love broccoli

6. I am learning to play the piano

7. I spend HOURS writing using a real pen and paper a few nights every week

8. If I didn’t get old & fat & had a buncha money I would have more babies, lots more

9. my favorite gifts are accessories and eating out

10. I'm going to get a BA in liberal arts/speech & communication someday. Maybe. 

11. Before I die I will learn to speak Spanish & Russian. I hope.

12. I want to adopt more kids, just don’t tell Jeff. I’m gonna spring it on him when we're old

13. I love cats but don’t have any cuz I’m allergic

14. I can jerry-rig almost anything if its broke; I can also cook, sew, draw, & cut hair very well but I don't enjoy any of it.

15. I’m running 10-15 minutes behind life and that offends a lot of people

16. I’m terrified to speak in public but I know its destined for my my near future

17. I am an average singer

18. I wear most of my perfumes at once cuz I cant decide on one

19. I like blood and gore except my own blood, especially from a deep cut, triggers a vasovagal response in me at a subconscious level

20. We own and we use 2 washers and 2 dryers daily to keep up with the ridiculous amount of laundry 4 kids and 2 adults generate

21. I hide massive quantities of chocolate in my closet and behind my bed

22. Fast food is my drug of choice and there is no rehab

23. When I get overwhelmed I wont answer my phone

24. I keep my phone on vibrate so the ringer doesn’t make me mad

25. I hate all my clothes

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