Friday, February 25, 2011

More to come...

My friend recently convinced me I have an eccentric family ripe with 'characters' that perfect strangers would be interested to read about.  I happen to think my day-to-day is pretty ordinary but she managed to rattle off a few incidents from my life that she finds worthy fodder for blogs. Our conversation got my creative inspirations flowing again, so below I've brainstormed some material that I may include on forthcoming posts. If you know me, feel free to add your topical suggestions, I just might blog about it! Thanks, Christina:)

The List of Potentials...
Embarrassing Perils of Audrey's Big Mouth

The Things I Say After 11pm

Why I Will Be Sad When My chicken Cat-dog Dies

The 5 Personalities of (my) Children

Why Jeff Carries a Murse

Baby in the Wash Machine

Words That Creep Me Out

Faux Pas of a Former Teen-Mom

The Things my Kids Have Destroyed

The Things My Kids Have Dumped/Eaten/Thrown-up

I Apologize In Advance, I Probably Didn't Mean What You Thought I Said

The Drama Queen That Is Our Son Jamey

Ninja Realtor by Day/Fledgling Country Music Star by Night

Cardinal Rules Of Garage Sailing

Why I Can Never Clean My Room

Baneful Dieting that WORKS

Rebellious Religion *HERESY*

My Peculiar Matrimony 

Why the Duggars Wouldn't Let Their Kids Play at Our House

Unorthodox Punishment: They won't do That Again

Magic Pills and Why I believe in Them

Living at Random on Purpose

12-Step Cheeseburger Addict

Why Liars Make Me so Stinkin' Mad *EXPLICIT*

I Can See Through You: Exposing My Secret Powers

Babies Are Awesome, 7-11yro Are Not as Awesome

Contemporary, Cutting Edge Church of Outside The Box


Sarah said...

I wish all those headlines were links!! Get crackin!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah: links please.